We are Student Travels Ukraine (and occasionally use the phrase “STU TEAM” to describe our team). We are an online student travel and logistics company that helps students plan their trip for whatever student-related occasion including conferences, medical electives, other placements, tourism, family/non-family visits, study invitation, etc.

Words like “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to “Student Travels Ukraine”.
Words like “you”, “your”, “they” and “their” refers to the “client” or “student” using or subscribing to any STUDENT TRAVELS UKRAINE service(s).

Capitalize words or sentences are for emphasis.


1. General Use



Whenever you use any of our paid services, these terms and conditions forms the basis of the agreement between you (the client or student) and Student Travels Ukraine (STU TEAM), and takes effect ONLY after agreed payment (Agency fee and/or Travel cost) for the required service(s) is made by you and received by us.

2. Our Services

We are a student-based online travel agency. This means we are more focused on student-related travels. “Our services” describes the services we offer to you, and includes, but not limited to;


  • General Tourism and Sight-seeing Planning

  • Summer Tour Planning

  • International/National/Local Conference Registration and Participation

  • Medical Elective Placement and Application Assistance

  • Reservation and Ticket booking (accommodation, Flight, Bus, Train and Tour)

  • Travel Insurance purchase

  • Visa Consultation and Application assistance.

  • Other Travel Logistics

  • Other Special services like securing “Study Invitation” to school in Ukraine. 

  • Other special arrangement that we offer due to partnership with third-party organizations and companies.

  • Any other service that we may add

We may use third-party websites and service providers to provide certain services to our clients. These “third-party service providers” includes accommodation companies, transportation companies, tour companies and operators, embassies and immigration offices, software and internet companies, education groups, organizations, Institutions, etc. Each of these service providers have their own terms and conditions and may be implemented in addition to our terms and conditions.

We may not offer any service until a client has paid the fee associated with delivering such service, and we have received it.

3. Using Specific Services

We require you to have a consultation with us before you pay for any of our services, so you are sure you are paying for the right service. According to your preference, you may consult with us via any communication method (call, text, email or chat), however for Legal reasons, only emails and/or typed chats are regarded as official STU consultation platforms, and will be regarded as official STU TEAM comments during any legal procedures.

All our services have specific procedures. Before you pay for one of our service, we will normally inform you of the service procedures. By paying for that service, you automatically agree to those procedures.

3.1 Visa Application

Student Travels Ukraine is not an Embassy nor affiliated with any embassy in any way. We consider specific instructions during visa application as stipulated by the embassy or its representative.

Student Travels Ukraine do not process any visa application. All visa applications are forwarded unprocessed to the respective consulate or embassy for processing. This processing will be in accordance with embassy and immigration regulations for such country, and NOT the terms and conditions of Student Travels Ukraine.

The acceptance or rejection of a visa application is in the complete discretion of the embassy, its representatives and/or immigration service of the applied country. STU cannot influence the decision of an embassy on the acceptance or rejection of a visa application.

3.2 Visa Guarantee

We do not give a 100% visa guarantee on any visa application. By LAW, the embassy, its representatives and/or immigration service reserves the right to make the decision on any visa application and we cannot influence that. Even if, from experience, we think you will get the visa, we cannot give a 100% guarantee. We can ESTIMATE your chances at 70%, 80%, etc., but not a 100%, because that right is reserved for the respective embassy, its representatives and/or immigration service.

3.3 Visa Appeal

We always want our clients to get their visa, and we try our best (within legal limits) to make that happen. However, sometimes, the student may not be given the visa maybe because the visa officer do not think they will return. In this case, we will appeal the denial for you, IF the embassy allows us to do so.

The acceptance or rejection of a visa appeal is in the complete discretion of the embassy, its representatives and/or immigration service of the applied country. STU cannot influence the decision of an embassy on the acceptance or rejection of a visa appeals.

STU cannot guarantee the 100% success of a visa appeal.

3.4 Medical Elective (Placement)

Student Travels Ukraine is not a representative of the listed institutions on our website and/or brochure that offer Medical Electives. All elective applications will be submitted considering respective university/hospital policy.

Student Travels Ukraine do not process medical elective application. All medical elective applications are forwarded unprocessed to the respective institution for processing. This processing will be in accordance with respective Institution regulations.

The acceptance or rejection of a medical elective application is in complete discretion of the Institution and its representing administration. STU cannot influence the decision of an Institution on the acceptance or rejection of a placement.

3.5 Medical Placement Guarantee

Generally, we do not give a 100% placement guarantee on medical electives application. To increase acceptance chances, we advise our students to apply to at least two institutions.

3.6 Tourism and Travel Logistics

STU Travel Plans are preliminary travel itinerary we draft for your trip which includes the purpose of travel, accommodation, transportations, etc.

We arrange your travel plans based on your requirement, preference and budget. You have the right to make changes to these plans as you see fit. Even when we advise or suggest travel destinations and touristic interests, you still have the right to accept or reject such offers.

We initially only make reservations for your travel when drawing up your travel plans and itinerary. After you REVIEW AND APPROVE/ACCEPT it, then you can pay the “Travel Cost”, so we can confirm and send you your paid tickets. (See section on Payments for Travel Cost)

Once you approve/accept the travel plans and have paid the “Travel Cost”, you may or may not be able to make changes depending on the policy of the third-party service provider.


4. Payments

Payment should only be made AFTER discussing with a STU TEAM representative about your travel intentions and an agreement has been reached. During this discussion, we will ask you some questions that will enable us understand the nature of your trip and in what capacity our service is needed.

We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card, Western Union, MoneyGram, Direct Bank Transfers, Swift and Online Electronic Wallet/Payment.

4.1 Agency Fee

STU agency fees are fees paid by the client in order to access one or more of our services. This fees may vary depending on the requested service.

STU agency fee are valid for the complete delivery of the service for which it was paid for.
STU agency fee may change at any point in time, however, will not affect clients who have already paid for a service based on the previous agency fee and are yet to receive that service. For these client, the new agency fee will take effect only after the end of the current service.
STU Agency fee is fully transferable (to someone else or to another STU service) and/or refundable, as long as the service for which it was paid for has not yet been started by STU. (See section on Refund Policy)

STU Agency fee paid for our Visa Application assistance is valid ONLY for one visa application assistance if the visa is granted. If the visa is not granted, based on the circumstances of application and our discretion, it may or maynot be additionally valid for one visa appeal assistance OR one visa re-application assistance, after which the service is regarded as completed irrespective of the outcome of the appeal or re-application.
STU Agency fee paid for our Medical Elective Application assistance is valid ONLY for application assistance for up to two institutions, after which the service is regarded as completed irrespective of the application outcome.
STU Agency fee paid for other STU services are valid at our discretion as agreed by the client.

STU Agency fee may be discounted ONLY at our discretion. Discounted fees may have applying conditions.

4.2 Travel Cost

“Travel cost” is the cost of your travel which is made up of each travel component including your transportation, accommodation, all tour tickets, etc., as already accepted by you.

You will pay this cost ONLY if you want us to make the payment for the reservation(s) ourselves.
You may not pay this cost if you want to make the payment for the reservation(s) yourself. In this case, we will just send the travel plans and reservations to you to pay yourself.

4.3 Deposit Payment 

Deposit payment are used to hold reservations. This is different from the full payment (Travel cost).

For Visa applications, STU do not usually take deposit payments to make travel itinerary as it is already included in your STU Agency fee. However, certain visa applications may require you to make extra deposit payments (in which case, we’ll usually inform you before we proceed). This deposit payment is ONLY used to make reservations for your visa application, and lasts a few days or weeks.


For every other STU services that may require reservations, we may require you to make extra deposit payments (in which case, we’ll usually inform you before we proceed). You may choose to opt out of the deposit payment, in which case, we cannot guarantee the price stated on the travel plan will remain the same from the time the travel plan was drawn.


5. Cancellation

All free reservations made via STU may be cancelled FREE of CHARGE.
All approved travel plans and paid bookings made via STU may be cancelled and refund requested BASED ON both our Terms and Conditions and the cancellation policy of the third-party service provider involved.

6. Refund Policy

We understand plans change, so if you change your mind, you can expect a refund from us.
You will need to contact our customer care team to request a refund. We offer two types of Refund.

6.1 Virtual Refund

You will be refunded with a “STU voucher” worth the value of your refund. You can use this voucher for future STU services.

STU Vouchers are transferable (to someone else or to another STU service). You may also use STU vouchers to pay for a higher STU service fee by paying just the remaining balance, or you can combine two or more vouchers. You may also spilt one STU voucher to pay for two lesser STU service fees.
STU Vouchers are only valid for STU services and cannot be exchanged for physical money or used to pay third-party service providers.

6.2 Payment Refund

Your actual money will be refunded to you, usually by sending it via the same method with which you paid.

Refund sending fees (if any) will be paid by you, usually by deducting it from the refundable amount. For this reason, we advise you to ask for a “virtual refund”, as “Payment refunds” may take time and cost part of the refundable amount.

6.3 Grounds for Refund and Refund Request

We cannot refund you a money you have not yet paid or we have not yet received from you. You can only ask for a refund after we have received your payment for one of our services.

You can ask for a full refund (either “virtual” or “Payment”) on your STU agency fee if the service for which you paid for has not yet been started by STU. If it has been started, then we may offer you a partial refund, calculated based on the stage we are at delivering the service OR no refund at all.

If your visa denial was as a result of a mistake we made, we may offer you a full “virtual refund” on your agency fee.
If your visa denial was as a result of a mistake you made, we MAY or MAY NOT offer you a “virtual refund” at our discretion.

You can ask for a Full refund (either “virtual” or “Payment”) on your “Travel cost” if we have not yet used it to pay the third-party service providers for your pre-approved travel plan. If we have begun payment, you will only receive a refund based on the cancellation and refund policy of the third-party service provider OR no refund at all.

Deposit payments made for other STU services (apart from Visa application) cannot be refunded if they have already been used to hold the reservation. However, if we are yet to make the reservation, you can request for a full refund (either “virtual” or “payment”).

7. WEBSITE Terms of Use

The official website for STUDENT TRAVELS UKRAINE is www.studenttravels.tk


As long as you comply with our Terms and Conditions, STU gives you the permission to use this site to access relevant information, contact us, subscribe and pay for any of our services. This permission is a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited and revocable permission.

7.1 Content

The contents on this website are updated at our discretion with or without prior notice. Due to the nature of our business, we compile SOME of our content based on information from third-party service providers. Therefore, do not assume that the information on this website is 100% absolute and accurate, as they are dynamic and may change at any time without warning. While we try to post recent and updated information, always confirm from us FIRST before making any payment.


We may also include/mention other companies, institutions and/or organizations in our content and publications. These inclusions/mentions does not imply any representation of or partnership with these companies, institutions and/or organizations, except otherwise expressly stated.

7.2 Links

Our website may contain links to external sources and third-party websites (“linked sites”). These linked sites have their own terms and conditions, and privacy policy which will apply should you visit them. We do not control the content and policies of these linked sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for what they publish and how they treat your information. These linked sites are placed for your consideration and reference.

7.3 Logos

This website may show logos of other companies, institutions and organizations. Our inclusion of these logos on our website and our content does not imply any representation of or partnership with the owners of these logos, except otherwise expressly stated.

7.4 Web Analytics

This website may use web analytics services to track and report web traffic and user action on our website. This helps us analyze performance and user experience so we can improve our service. All information we get from this web analytics are treated in accordance with our privacy policy. (See section on Privacy Policy)

7.5 Sending Information

All information we receive from you through this website will be treated in confidentiality in accordance to our Privacy Policy. (See section on Privacy Policy)

7.6 Abuse of Use

Do not use this site for anything already prohibited by STU Terms and Conditions.
Do not attempt to, or access unauthorized parts and/or features of this website.
Do not duplicate this site whether in good faith or in an attempt to fraud users.
Do not attempt to, or incorporate or add any algorithms, methodology, programs, etc., that may/will put excessive and/or unreasonable automated load/traffic on this site, or interfere with the proper functioning of this site or, affect other user experience on this website.
Do not attempt to, or probe/scan, or run tests on this site for vulnerabilities. This is reserved only for authorized STU/administrative personnel. However, you are free to give feedback on this site and its services via email.
Do not attempt to, or breach the security/authentication protocols of, or hack this site.

8. Personal Information and Documentation

We define personal information and documents as those that specifically relates to you and nobody else. 


8.1 Data collection and Transmission 


Due to the nature of our business, we usually request our clients to send us some personal information and documents so that we may fill in their application form and complete certain procedures/documents that may require personal (and sometimes sensitive) information like full name, date of birth, details of social and financial circumstances, etc. We usually do not request for original copies of documents, since we only need to see the details on the document not verify the authenticity of the document. 


We usually send travel plans, tickets and other documents to our clients electronically, except otherwise agreed by both parties to send the document(s) via other means. In such case, we may charge a delivery fee at our discretion.
We will not be held responsible if a sent document is not delivered or received. However, we will try our best to resend or sort out the error.


8.2 Consent and Permissions

By sending us your document(s) and/or personal information (in any format), you automatically agree to our Privacy Policy and give us your consent to use, share and/or reserve such information based on our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 


You also give us your permission to legally “ACT ON YOUR BEHALF”, such that all letters, forms, and/or documents we write, fill and/or sign on your behalf, (including but not limited to; appeal letters, consular letters, application forms, immigration forms, other documents associated with your travel, and other legal documents), is by all intent and purpose, legally written, filled and/or signed by you. 


Any consent/permission can be freely withdrawn at any time by contacting us, at which case, all our services associated with that consent/permission will be stopped.


8.3 Feedbacks

We may request and, with permission, publish feedbacks from our previous clients about their experience using our service(s). As a previous client, you have the right to request that your feedback not be published or be published with only certain information that doesn’t link back to you. You are free to change your decision at any time by contacting us. 


Feedbacks we publish are primarily meant for service improvement, and as a reference to other potential clients to decide on preferred services, travel destinations, and other applications. By NO MEANS should you take a feedback as an absolutely certainty that the same experience will happen in your case.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1 Personal Information

We value your privacy and treat your personal information in confidentiality.
We DO NOT share your personal information with third-party service providers except to the extent required to deliver the service(s) for which you requested for, to complete your reservations, and finalize your travel plans. These third-party service providers will, likewise, treat your personal information according to their privacy policy.

9.2 Documents

All documents sent to us may or may not be stored, nonetheless, are held confidentially.
We DO NOT share your personal documents with any third party, except the institution for which you are specifically applying to or the service provider offering you the services you paid for. They, in turn, shall treat your documents based on their privacy policy.
We are NOT in any partnership with any third party to share your documents for profit or non-profit.

9.3 Transmission of Information

While we take your privacy seriously, you need to understand and acknowledge that information transmitted over the internet may not be 100% secure. Any message, communication, or information you send to us via the internet or any third-party company may be intercepted by others irrespective of the presence or absence of an existing security protocols and/or encryption. 
Your information and documents sent via intermediate companies such as postal service companies, email, social media, other internet companies and/or electronic medium etc., are subject to the privacy policy of the respective intermediate company.

9.4 User Analytics and Tracking Algorithms

We may use third-party tracking algorithms to give us information about your experience on our website and our electronic/online platforms, thereby helping us to improve our website, services and your user experience. These algorithms are written to monitor user action on our website and collect some basic (usually NON-PERSONAL) information about the user’s browsing experience and preferences. These algorithms are written by third-party companies, and the information are stored and used according to their privacy policies. 

9.5 Legal release of Information

There are certain instances when we might be required by law to disclose your information. In such cases, we may disclose your information for legal purposes ONLY, usually to assist an investigation either by government officials or our legal team.


10. Violating Our Terms and Conditions

By violating our Terms and Conditions, you give our legal team the right to take legal action(s) on you as see fit. You also automatically lose your privacy protection from STU. We now reserve the right to disclose your information for legal processes and/or to enforce our terms and conditions.


11. Indemnity


Should any damage, demand, liability, loss, cost, expense (including all accounting and legal fees) be incurred on any member or members of the STU TEAM by you and/or any third party, in connection with or related to or arising from your use of our website and/or service, or your violation of any law and/or right of a third party or your breach of this agreement, you agree to fully indemnify us (member(s) of the STU TEAM), and hold STUDENT TRAVELS UKRAINE harmless.


12. Update


STU Terms and Conditions are subject to change with or without prior notice, and will take effect immediately it is published.


End of Terms and Conditions

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First Major Update by STU on June 2, 2018.

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