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Please be sure you have already discussed with a STU TEAM Representative before you pay for any service.

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Agency Fee (Electives 1) Application
Agency Fee (Electives 1) Application
Agency Fee
1 грн
Stage 1 - Initial Agency fee for medical elective application. Please check the Elective brochure for the latest price.

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Select a service.

In the next page, Click “Add to cart”. You will see that your “Checkout Cart” at the top right corner will indicate that it has been added.

If you want to add more services, you should click “Back” at the top left corner of the page, and repeat step 1 and 2 again. Don’t worry, the service in your checkout cart will still remain even if you click “Back”.

When you are done adding all your services, click “Checkout Cart”, and a page containing all the services you have added will be shown. If you are paying for 2 people or more, type in the number of people you are paying for in the box “Qty”, the price will automatically adjust. If you want to delete a service, simply hover your mouse over the price and a small “X” will show. Click on it to remove the service.

To pay via credit card, simply click on the “WebMoney” button below “Total”. This will redirect you a secure payment site to pay. Select "credit card" as your payment method, then click on "GO TO PAYMENT". Put in your phone number and select if you will like to pay via "Visa/Mastercard" or "Privat24". Fill the required details and complete the transaction.
please note that a small commission may be charged.

If your payment is successful, you will see a “payment successful page”. If it’s not successful, you will see an error page. If you are finding it difficult to pay, please contact us on Facebook or via email, and a representative will get in touch with you.

Do not forget to forward your payment receipt to us on Facebook or email, so we can begin your travel arrangements.

Payment via Skrill or Payoneer

If you prefer to pay via Skrill or Payoneer, please contact us on Facebook or via email, so we can give you the email address to send the payment. Please do not send the payment to our default contact email.


Payment via Money Transfer

If you prefer to pay via Swift Transfer, WesternUnion or MoneyGram, please contact us on Facebook or via email, and we will give you the required information for the transfer.

Go to Secure Payment

(secure payment via credit card, skrill, payoneer, webmoney, western union, moneygram and swift transer)


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Payment via Credit Card (processed with Webmoney) and Privat24