We are a multinational, highly rated contract-driven, market-moving, customer-satisfying, world renowned travel agency.


Lol… Just Kidding!!!


This is just a humble platform dedicated to helping students make their summer holiday a bit more interesting and fun.
After 10 months of non-stop reading, studying, learning & writing exams, you need to let off some steam. And what better way to do this than to travel & relax away from the school heat.


Like i said, after 10 months of non-stop reading, studying, learning & writing exams, you need to let off some steam.  And we at Student travels would like to help you make that a reality.

So…. What would you want to do?

Attend an International conference, and use the opportunity to meet with peers, professionals and other international delegates, maybe exchange contacts, who knows when it would come in handy.




You can forget about the whole conference thing & go full enjoyment. Relax and tour Europe with our SUMMER TOUR package.
We offer student travel services from booking your tour and registering you for an international conference, to guiding you through the VISA application process and fully planning your trip.


Tourism/sight-seeing planning


Summer Tour Planning


​International conference Registration 


Invitation to country of choice


VISA Consultation/Application


Flight/Bus/Train Ticket booking


Insurance Purchase


Other Travelling Logistics


These travels has been specially designed for students. To

tell you detailed process and logistics would just bore you

…so we have made it as simple as three steps.

Go through the conference list and select


Write to us filling out the simple online form

Choose a country you’d like to TOUR

That’s it!!!

We’ll get back to you.




Obviously, there would be other steps, you'd have to provide some documents required by the embassy you're applying to.


But Hey! Don’t worry about that 

...We'll guide you through the process.

We’ve got you covered.






so what do you want to do?

Still have some questions?



  • We would get you an Invitation to your preferred country of tourism or conference.
  • We’ll register you for the conference at special discounted prize (but you’ll pay for it).
  • We’ll find and book your accommodation & flight/bus/train tickets (you'll also pay for this).
  • We'll guide you through the documentation process and Visa application process, avoiding all common application mistakes.
  • We’ll book your embassy appointment and tell you the appointment date. Unfortunately, you'll have to submit it yourself. We would’ve loved to do it for you, but the embassies want to just see your pretty face.
  • We‘ll Plan your TRIP for you. All other logistics would be taken care of by us. No need to worry.
  • Then we’ll discuss your travel details with you. (You are free to request changes to any of the plans. We’ll do it for you.)


NB: We don’t just book any accommodation we see. We take into consideration, closeness of your accommodation to the conference location, as well as to the airport. This way you’d not spend much on transportation in the country, plus, we also consider your comfort & most importantly, your safety during tours. The last thing we want is for you to run into any problem.

All the flights/accommodation we book are the cheapest taking in consideration your comfort and safety also …so you’re sure you are getting the best prices from us. That is why we’re called Student travels.
We'll help you get your documents ready in a week. While you rest, we will focus on your travel logistics and embassy appointment date. When its set, you'll just go to submit your completed documents and rest again for another 6 - 15 days standard Visa processing time. After which, you'll TRAVEL and CHILL ...SIMPLE!